Our Story

Born from the creative synergy of two young professionals with a passion for fashion and a love of urban culture, our journey began as a dream shared between friends. We set out to carve a space where style meets the rhythm of the urban lifestyle - the hustle of daytime, the leisurely evenings, and the excitement of Friday night outings.
At VES, we embrace the vibrant energy of city life, infusing it into every fabric, design and detail. Our clothes tell a story of expression and individuality inspired by the tapestry of urban landscapes and effortless sophistication. We curate versatile collections that resonate with the modern ‘work hard play hard’ urbanite who seeks to make a statement of natural confidence, understated elegance and authenticity with their style.
Our Versatile style represents classic and timeless pieces that can be styled multiple ways and include solid-colored clothing which can transition seamlessly from day to night or work to leisure.
Our Effortless Chic represents a style that is natural and easy, yet stylish and well put-together. It is typically associated with confidence and sophistication allowing the wearer to look effortlessly chic without being overly styled. Effortless fashion is represented by neutral colors, comfortable fabric and simple silhouettes.
Our Sophistication refers to refined taste and a cultivated sense of style. It is characterized by understated glamour, centering on quality over quantity and often involves classic and timeless pieces.
Join us as we redefine urban chic fashion, one thread at a time.